QUEEN: Noel.

Isn't she beautiful?  This queen is a standard (short-legged) Minuet.  She has such an amazing personality!

Tiger Lilly is a Blue Point Exotic Lynx Himalayan.  She loves to lay on your shoulder and purr away.

Minnie is my new queen.  She is a Genetta Bengal.  Can you  say relax?

Roxy Rock Star is my sweet Ragdoll with amazing blue eyes and such a loving personality.

Jewel of the Nile is a dark chocolate Exotic Persian.  I just can't get enough of that face!

Our Queens and Studs

STUD:  Cowboy, Seal Point Himalayan CFA registered with champion bloodlines.  Cowboy's personality is so loving and loyal. His babies carry his  beauty & personality.

Angel Eyes is a Blue Himalayan Lynx.  She has such a sweet personality and so do her babies.

Pumpkin Pie is my male Genetta Bengal stud.  Look at those little legs! 

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