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Above described cat/kitten was sold as a pet on
1.    PurrfectPersian Cattery operates a FeLV negative cattery and guarantees this cat/kitten is in good health, free of feline leukemia and all other major diseases (to the best of PurrfectPersian Cattery’s knowledge) at the time of sale. All warranties are VOID if this kitten is given an FIP vaccine or feline leukemia vaccination prior to be tested for it. 
2.   PurrfectPersian Cattery guarantees the cat/kitten is free of any hereditary malformations (genetic defects) to the best of the PurrfectPersian Cattery knowledge at the time of sale.  In the event a fatal genetic defect is found in the cat/kitten, PurrfectPersian Cattery agrees to replace the cat/kitten within six (6) months, with another kitten of equal value, when a kitten is available.  This is contingent on the Buyer being notified, in writing, of any fatal genetic defect health issues by a veterinarian.  A necropsy report (to be paid by BUYER) with an explanation by the cat/kitten’s attending veterinarian must be provided to the PurrfectPersian Cattery prior to replacement of cat/kitten being given to the Purchaser.  No medical costs are refunded.   No money for cost of kitten will be refunded. 
3.  PurrfectPersian Cattery assumes NO responsibility for Buyer's allergies to cats, disapproval of landlord, lack of proper house training for this cat/kitten, etc.  No monies will be refunded for these reasons.  If Buyer cannot keep the kitten/cat for any reason, at any time, PurrfectPersian Cattery will try to find a new home for the cat/kitten.  PurrfectPersian Cattery will not reimburse Buyer for original cost of kitten nor any other expenses involved. 
4.  This agreement does NOT cover fleas, ear mites, parasites, or fungus.  (Your kitten will have a fecal test at my vet prior to going home and will be treated accordingly).  These can call be acquired in route to Buyer’s home and ringworm fungus is in the dirt and the environment.
5. FIP Guarantee:  According to Texas A&M University’s Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, almost all cats are infected by feline enteric coronavirus (FECV), a virus that can mutate into feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV). Fortunately, not all felines develop or catch the highly deadly FIPV. Past efforts to find a cure have fallen short since FIPV is a RNA virus that mutates at such a high rate the cat’s immune system is not able to fight off the infection. The antibodies in the current vaccine that don’t neutralize the FIPV infection can enhance and worsen the disease. (tamu-edu/fip-research).  It is in rare occurrences that the virus will mutate.  In the event the kitten dies from FIP within the first 14 weeks after delivery of kitten, PurrfectPersian Cattery will replace the kitten with another when a kitten is available.  Since coronavirus is a very common virus, we cannot know where the virus mutated once the kitten leaves the cattery.  The only way to confirm FIP is through a necropsy. 
A necropsy must be performed (at buyer’s expense) to confirm FIP prior to receiving a replacement kitten.  If the results are negative, the kitten will not be replaced.  ****If PurrfectPersian Cattery is no longer breeding kittens, a replacement kitten will not be provided.  Under no circumstances will the cost of the kitten or vet bills be refunded****
6.  Breeder is not liable for any contagious illnesses (FELV, FIV, RHINO, etc. or stress related conditions once the kitten leaves the cattery).  The only exception is FIP, which is explained in #5 (FIP Guarantee).
7.  ALL guarantees are void if kitten is not with original owner,
1.    Buyer agrees to take cat/kitten to a licensed veterinarian for a health checkup within three (3) days of the purchase date so that there can be no question of the kitten’s health at the time of sale.  Failure to have the kitten inspected by vet within this timeframe will result in any health guarantee being voided.
2.   This kitten is being sold as pet only and NOT for breeding. Buyer agrees to neuter/spay kitten at his/her expense before the kitten reaches one year of age.  PurrfectPersian Cattery will hold registration papers (if applicable) until the Buyer has provided proof of altering.
3.  IF PURRFECTPERSIAN CATTERY DOES NOT RECEIVE PROOF OF NEUTER/SPAY PRIOR TO KITTEN TURNS 1 YEAR OF AGE, PURCHASER WILL OWE PURRFECTPERSIAN CATTERY AN ADDITIONAL $1,000.  In addition, if this cat is bred, he/she and all kittens produced will become the property PurrfectPersian Cattery and will be sent to PurrfectPersian Cattery with no expenses incurred by PurrfectPersian Cattery.  All paperwork will be transferred to PurrfectPersian Cattery.
In the case of a breach of contract, the Buyer agrees to surrender this cat/kitten and its offspring to PurrfectPersian Cattery at no cost to PurrfectPersian Cattery & to execute & pay for registration (TICA and/or CFA) paperwork (if applicable) to transfer ownership back to PurrfectPersian Cattery. Buyer will be responsible for all attorney & court fees. Court action shall take place in the state where PurrfectPersian Cattery resides under applicable state laws. This constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.
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